Thank you very much for choosing Casa Cala.

Your experience will be unique in this old fisherman's house, over 100 years old,

which was a bar in the 70's and has been recently renovated by prestigious architects.

Located on the seafront, in an exclusive environment.

At 400m from Banyalbufar.

The estate has Malvasia vines and produces a great white wine. It has two mills from the Al-Andalus period, dated on the XII century, and the viticulture in this land is documented from the XIV century.

It has direct access to a beach with crystalline waters, marine diversity, ideal for snorkeling.

Sunsets and starry nights are simply amazing.

Next to the mailbox there is a safe deposit box.

You must open the lid, insert the code provided by message and then press the two side buttons simultaneously.

Inside the box you will find the house keys and the remote control of the barrier.

Please change the code and close the box.

The address is:

Cami des moli 20, Banyalbufar.

The descent is very steep. You will pass a hotel, follow the road to a right bend (with open views of the sea), and keep along the vineyards. Finally Casa Cala is located on the right side, the last one on the street.


How to arrive

Net: movistar_8686

Password: camimoli20

High speed wifi

The sliding turquoise blind opens with the blue key.

The glass door has the handle facing up when it is closed. It opens with the green key and you must TURN THE HANDLE SMOOTHLY to the right until it is vertically downwards. It is also a sliding door.


Entrance door

There are many secrets in this house...

The closet is hidden in the wall and opens with a push system.

Tap water is drinkable. However, you will find a Brita in the closet to filter it for a better flavor.

There are three types of coffee makers: Nespresso, American and Italian coffee maker.

The kitchen is a module with retractable doors that are hidden on the sides.

The left door leds to the bedroom and the right one leds to the bathroom.



The washer is hidden in the bathroom. You will find soap in the small closet. You can use it for free.

The clothes lines, the iron and the ironing board are in the outer room.

It is very important to not throwing toilet paper or objects into the toilet as it could clog. There is a bin for this purpose.

The house has a septic tank system that filters wastewater, and afterwards fertilizes the vineyard. Thanks for helping.

Washing machine

Don't throw paper

into the toilet 🙏 


You will find bins for recycling garbage in the cupboards of the terrace.

In Banyalbufar a complicated selective collection system has been established:

-You can throw only one type of trash per day (one day plastic, another day paper, ...)

- From 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and you have to upload it to the town.

To avoid inconvenience, you can leave all the rubbish in the outer cabinets and after check out we will throw it away.

Air conditioning

The dining room and the two bedrooms have their own air conditioning control.

Turn it ON and select the temperature with the arrows.


The whole house has underfloor heating with an aerothermal system. It is always on during winter.

If you want to change the temperature, press UNLOCK for three seconds. Please ignore and do not modify the first temperature (39º) shown in the screen, which belongs to the water circuit. 

Press the right arrow ➡️ and then you can select the desired temperature (20-23º) by pressing:

⬆️ ⬇️

Outdoor shower

The outdoor shower has hot and

cold water.


The house has a flexible induction hob with two options:

- Using the central area for a large device.

- Using two areas for smaller devices.


It is a steam oven with multiple options. Press ON and then MENU. Turn the control and select the meal by pressing the screen.

You could regenerate meals by heat like in a restaurant

(ON ➡️ steam ➡️ regenerate ➡️ 10 min)


If windy and/or stormy conditions, the automatic barrier does not open (for security reasons) and you must open it manually with the small key.
If the vibration of the barrier’s doors is annoying, specific tools are available (inside the outdoor cupboards) to avoid the inconvenience – sorry but nature exceeds the human in Banyalbufar 😊

Do not make fire, according to the law.
Do not smoke inside the house. 🚭
Animals are not allowed.
YES, it is required to respect the vineyards and the natural surroundings.

Please DO NOT...

Restaurants & shops in Banyalbufar

Some of the best views of Mallorca.

Good paellas and good fish.

Open lunch and dinner.

Day off on Tuesdays

Son Tomás

Can Paco

Richard Branson's favorite restaurant.

After 40 years, it retains its menu, decoration and charm.

Open for lunch. Day off on Mondays.

Nice terrace to enjoy the sunset.

For a drink, to have lunch or dinner. 

Varied menu.

Can Madó Paula


Cafeteria and simple meals with

great views.

Day off on Thursdays.

In June Son Bunyola opened its doors, Richard Branson's new luxury hotel.

3 km from the town. Restaurant is only for hotel guests but will be opened to everyone soon.

Son Bunyola restaurant

La Mandinga

Pizzeria Dinamics

Es casino

Sa Baronía

Es trast



Good and surprising artisan ice creams. Day off on Thursdays.

To eat on the little bar or to pick up

(they do not deliver at home).

Day off Monday and Tuesday.

For breakfasts and informal meals.

Also for a drink.

Meeting place for townspeople.

It depends on the mood of the owner.


Sa Botiga

Known as Ca'l Antoñita

It is a craft shop.

She sells our wine Cornet (Malvasia, vinified by the cooperative)

Small grocery store, with fruit and vegetables.

Open everyday from 9:30am-3:00pm

& 6:00-9:00pm


Cala Banyalbufar

Cala Estellencs

Port d'Andratx

Port de Soller

It is located right next to the house. It has a waterfall that sources from the mountain.

It is a pebble beach with a great sealife. There is no bar service.

7 km. Very calm pebble beach.

It has a nice bar for a snack or lunch.

You have to park in the village, two km from the beach.

Charming marina with classy atmosphere. There are small beaches like Cala Fonoll that are a jewel. There is a bar.

Cala d'Egos is spectacular but requires a serious walk (45-60 mins).

Both are sandy beaches.

It is a large sandy area with a promenade and port. It is a recommended beach for bathing, eating and shopping.

There are private boats to Sa Calobra, a stunning paradise.

Don't forget your goggles for snorkeling or swimming (sometimes there are jellyfish and it's better to stay out of their way).


We recommend water shoes to avoid slipping rocks.


Volta des General

GR 221 

4 km (easy) path until reaching Port des Canonge. It runs along the sea, passes next to Son Bunyola, Richard Branson's new hotel, and leads to a beautiful and usually deserted beach.

In Port des Canonge there are two restaurants (Ca'n Toni Moreno and Ca'n Madó). Follow back the same way (total, 8 km, + 200 m).

The starting point is from a parking lot outside de village, but you can go from Casa Cala (+2 km).

GR 221 runs through the entire Serra de Tramuntana, from Pollença to Andratx. It is very well signposted. Two options from Banyalbufar:

- Towards Esporles: Known as "Camí des correu", 9 km, (+650 m). It runs along a path and a Roman road.

- Towards Estellencs: 7 km (+200m), easier and open views of the coast.

In both villages, you can find restaurants and a bus service to Banyalbufar.

Check-out is at 11:00h.

Please leave the keys and the barrier control in the safe deposit box next to the mailbox.Thank you!

A starry night at Casa Cala is amazing. We recommend SkyView app to have a good time identifying the stars and planets (iphone o android)



In the cabinets you will find:

- Yoga mats and accessories. 🧘‍♂️

- Petanque. 🎱

- Chess. ♟️

- Cards: Uno, poker cards and Spanish deck. 🃏

- Binoculars. 🐬

- Serra de Tramuntana map for hiking. ⛰️ 

- Badminton set (net, 2 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks). 🏸


The barbecue is electric. First plug it in.

You will find cable and accessories in the outer closet.

- Steam function: fill the tank with water and place the tray.

- Iron function: place the iron and some oil.

- Grill function: it can be half barbecue or full barbecue.

Please clean it yourself after using it:

- When it's still hot

- With cleaning tools

- No chemicals

And when finished, store the cable and place the protective cover. Thank you!

Cafeteria and bar with good views.